Enforcement Almere goes for innovation

Critical speech and image communication trial using 4G

PrioCom partner Flash Private Mobile Networks is putting our Push-to-Talk solution in the market under the name Flash Smart Com. The enforcement team in the municipality of Almere ran a three month trial of this new solution.

After 1 month of testing, Gert Jan Wolf asked Jaap Kroese, from camera surveillance Municipality of Almere, how the application of Smart Com solution was going. “So far it’s been very positive. All connections are good, in fact it always works first time. The enforcers on the streets are very enthusiastic about it”, says Jaap Kroese.


We have a strategic partnership with three parties. We consciously opted for this, so that the increased focus will ultimately give PrioCom end users the best quality. T-Mobile provides the reliable network, we monitor the performance and development of the Push-to-Talk application, and the reseller (or business partner) guarantees customer-specific services. Want to know more about how we work? Then you can read it here.

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