The Push-to-Talk application

Mission-critical communication as an end-to-end service, that is what PrioCom offers. We equip PrioCom users with a device with a standardized Push-to-Talk application which is directly integrated into the national T-Mobile network and optionally a dispatcher application for monitoring rooms.

With the Push-to-Talk application we offer you typical radio functions on a smart Android device. Built according to the 3GPP standard, the Push-to-Talk application is ready for connection with existing DMR and TETRA networks, new private LTE systems and the migration from 4G to 5G.

Application features

The Push-to-Talk application offers the possibility of conducting various types of conversations, namely group conversations, 1-on-1 conversations, emergency calls, priority calls, sending / receiving text messages, photos, video etc., in the group and / or to the control room and geo-information.

The dispatcher 

In addition to the Push-to-Talk application, PrioCom can provide a dispatch solution (optional).

Dispatcher features

The very extensive dispatcher offers the employee a flexible environment for conducting all types of talk groups, of course with priority (pre-emption). Dynamically moving users and creating temporary groups is also possible. Sending / receiving text messages, photos, video is standard. In the graphical environment (including geo fencing) the aforementioned options are available in an integrated way in addition to showing the current availability.


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