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Disseldorp Techniek started selling portable two-way radios in 2006. The increase in demand for rental, saw this being added to their portfolio later. Over the years, Disseldorp Techniek has grown into a reliable and innovative partner in the mobile communication industry

Disseldorp Techniek is a specialist in critical communication ensuring its customers are always connected. Disseldorp Techniek always finds a fitting solution for a specific communication need, regardless of organisation size or operating range. With their knowledge and products, Disseldorp Techniek ensures that customers never have any worries concerning communication means.

The end user is always assured of an optimal solution for his mobile communication challenges. Read here more information about Disseldorp Techniek.


Resellers - Disseldorp Techniek

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           Weena 723 | Unit C7.097
           3013 AM Rotterdam

   IBAN: NL75 INGB 005 3014 66
           KVK: 69610770
           BTW: NL8579.39.257B01

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