Mission-critical communication with room for innovation

ChannelConnect interviews Ronald Horn (BTC)

PrioCom has launched a Quality of Service mission critical communication service on the 4G T-Mobile network as the sole mobile service provider in the Netherlands. The innovative service meets an increasing requirement of many businesses. PrioCom says the new PTT solution was deliberately choicen for strategic cooperation between three parties. T-Mobile provides the reliable mobile infrastructure.

PrioCom offers mission-critical communication as a service with its own SIM, validates robust smartphones connected to the PTT server integrated into the T-Mobile network and manages this service. And the PrioCom reseller knows how customers work, knows their specific needs, provides customers with the PrioCom service, robust handsets with the PTT application and central monitoring station, arranges combination with other customer applications, and offers customised service. The reseller is the customers’ point of contact. This end-to-end collaboration makes the solution very valuable for customers.

As a PrioCom reseller, BTC knows, from its Director, Ronald Horn, that customers are happy with the innovative solution. With its 85 employees, BTC serves over 2,500 customers, including government organisations, municipalities, police services, event organisers, as well as the construction industry, healthcare sector and port companies. “These types of organisations usually use their own PMR (Private Mobile Radio) systems”, says Horn.

“But that technology is increasingly expensive to use and certainly in the case of a limited number of users. Furthermore, a company has to employ people to manage the PMR installation and you still need to have a backup network. That’s an obstacle for customers. That’s why they’re happy that we now offer this innovative communication solution as a subscription within our communication solutions package. The service is not only a substitute for existing PMR but also a reason for organisations with this service, which has a connection setup time of half second to provide, for example, their BHV (bedrijfshulpverlener [company emergency response]) team, security, or international transport team with this service”.


The PTT service provides reliable mission-critical communication throughout the Netherlands and even abroad. The network is secure because it is closed and complies with international standards. High bandwidth with high reliability by using a dedicated reserved part of the T-Mobile 4G network is new for two-way radio networks. PrioCom also offers resellers modern but robust smart devices on Android, with the look & feel of a professional two-way radio, which allows customers to add their own Android applications.

This combination makes the solution future-proof, according to Horn. “The fact that it always works everywhere, is fast and gives room for innovation, means that customers really do need this solution. And they want to be able to combine and integrate this means of communication with other solutions in their mobility park, such as mobile two-way radios, two-way radios, smartphones and even IoT (Internet of Things) services, without limit and without difficulty. It is great to be able to operate camera images with the two-way radio or control business applications with it. We can now offer this advanced combination because everything works on IP and the network has a lot of bandwidth. They also like the fact that there is no network equipment on their sites”, says Horn. “That’s a really valuable unburdening for them. We are pleased to offer this new service alongside our other communication services. PrioCom is a strong brand and we benefit from it too”.

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