PrioCom speaking on 13 February during BTG expert session

“Critical mobile in critical business processes”

Mobile communications are becoming increasingly important with the further digitalisation of business processes. Companies and organisations are making ever-increasing demands on the quality of mobile communications. ‘Best effort’ mobile communication solutions no longer suffice; in many business processes, mobile communications are essential. They have become a ‘must have’.

The BTG expert group Critical Mobile Broadband Users (KMBG) is organising a meeting on 13 February in which both the demand side of the market and the supply side will present use cases and solutions.

At the 13 February meeting, use cases in the healthcare and transport sectors will be explained. We have searched for new players in the supply market for this meeting and we see that critical communications are not limited to the Dutch borders. Market developments of Mission Critical Mobile Communications are a global phenomenon. Business process applications are looking for technological and service solutions. In this meeting the KMBG expert group is bringing together both worlds. Honorary Chair is Antoine van der Sijs (Chair BTG Expert group KMBG, Strict)

Venue: CapX, Hoogstraat 24, Nijkerk

14.00 Reception
14.30 Opening and welcome by BTG
Petra Claessen, Managing Director & New Business
14.40 Critical mobile in healthcare
15.10 Mission-critical communication mission and vision
Nico Hortensius, PrioCom
15.40 High-performance industrial networks
Mikko Uusitalo, Ukkoverkot, Finland
16.10 BREAK
16.20 Port of Hamburg mobile applications “Giganetwork 5G Monarch”
16.50 Migration to Flexibility
Dick Martens, Strict Consultancy
17.20 Wrap up and close
17.30 Networking drinks

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