According to analysis from Ookla®, T-Mobile has broken its own record

Still the fastest mobile network in the Netherlands

The Hague, November 12, 2018 – T-Mobile received the Ookla Speedtest® award for the fastest mobile network in the Netherlands for the second time in a row. The award was presented by Ookla, the maker of the app most used measuring mobile and internet speeds worldwide. Data from 454.387 consumer-initiated tests conducted in the Netherlands during the second and third quarter of this year was used to determine the fastest mobile network in the Netherlands. T-Mobile achieved a Speed ScoreTM of 63.77 with an average download speed of 69.96 Mbps and an average upload speed of 17.08 Mbps. This makes T-Mobile the fastest mobile network in the results. T-Mobile achieved the highest network speeds in the big cities as well as in the areas outside the Randstad conurbation.

Ookla is the global leader in the testing and analyzing of Internet and data speeds via the Speedtest application. With over 20 billion consumer-initiated tests that have been conducted with the Speedtest app worldwide on iOS and Android mobile apps, Ookla is able to provide a very accurate and independent insight into the speed and quality of mobile and fixed connections. Jamie Steven, Executive Vice President at Ookla: “With the millions of tests that are conducted with the Speedtest every day, Ookla has developed a robust and comprehensive overview of global Internet performance. Based on a thorough analysis, T-Mobile’s mobile network is the fastest in the Netherlands for the second time in a row. This award, which is based on data from Q2-Q3 2018, is proof of T-Mobile’s exceptional performance as experienced by its customers”.


With a Speed Score of 63.77 T-Mobile has also broken its own record speeds from last year. Rachid el Hattachi, Technology Director at T-Mobile: “T-Mobile stands for Unlimited and that means that network quality is a priority for us. We’re continually optimizing our network and researching the best innovations. The Ookla Speedtest Award once again confirms that we’re making the right choices in terms of our network strategy. For us winning awards is not a goal in itself, but the fact that we’re winning all the well-known network awards proves that we’re on the right track when it comes to building the network of the future. In particular because these developments are often invisible for end users, but fortunately are largely reflected in the network experience of our customers”.

Speed Score in the Netherlands

The ‘Speed Score’ is used in the analysis of network speeds. The Speed Score contains measurements of every provider’s download and upload speed. The performance of the network speed is classified on the basis of these measurements. The download speed carries more weight in these, because that is the speed the user constantly experiences.

Results of the 2018 Ookla® Speedtest Award*

Provider Speed Score
1. T-Mobile 63.77
2. KPN 44.55
3. Tele2 42.68
4. Vodafone/Ziggo 33.67

*Ookla® analysis of Speedtest Intelligence® data Q2–Q3 2018

A full overview of the Ookla research report can be found here

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